about us

L’Enclume is connected to its surroundings. The windy ancient road leads you, our medieval village welcomes you, our magical location enchants you.

Our area is everything and our aim is to present you with the most amazing local ingredients. All composed with harmony and focus, purity and simplicity.

To surprise and excite, using modern concepts and imagination. In full immersion, time can stop and you will come to love our area as we do. We hope you can come and meet us.

our kitchen people

In order to make L'Enclume's creations come alive, we have a talented team with local values all pushing in the same direction. Head Chef Mark Birchall runs this team with precise purpose and belief.

There is obsessive attention to detail
and thirst for technique, using the very
best ingredients that the earth can
provide. We go beyond what is
necessary because we are in love
with what we do.

our restaurant people

Expectations have to be met and
Sam Ward and his team are in the front
line. Like in the kitchen, there is a
common goal.

Service with enthusiasm and a
passionate interest in our product.

A relaxed yet professional atmosphere
created by people that really care at
what they do.

aulis and its table

Aulis is a place to create, an area dedicated to research and study of food.

There is focus on creating a healthier cuisine using our native ingredients, many of which have long been  forgotten and bringing them into the twenty first century using the latest cooking techniques.

Aulis however, is now much more than that as we bring you the table. A table where up to six people can have a meal composed before their very eyes personally cooked by Dan Cox, 2008 roux scholar.

Exclusive menus will be created, dishes straight off the Aulis blackboard offered for the first time with an explanation of why and how it has come to be. A truly unique experience for food lovers to enjoy. Prices from £200 per person including wine. To book email reservations@aulisrd.co.uk

our farm

The land is as generous as it is
beautiful. situated in
Cartmel valley is our six acre
farm where the rhythms of the
seasons are at their most apparent.

This is ultimate control, accurate
understanding of the fundamentals
of nature so the ingredients removed
are at their optimum in every way.

Vegetables, fruits, herbs and
flowers, these are the raw materials
that create the unique flavours of
L’enclume, literally picked hours
before consumption so that they
almost still have that link with
the earth.


L’Enclume has come to grips with who
it is. There is a team behind the team
where key elements have been
explored, discussed and concluded.
A fresh approach from experts of their
field to enhance what we have.