About Our Farm

Our Farm was built with a clear vision in mind: to strengthen the link between our food, its development and the environment, and to further develop the relationship between cooking and growing.

Year-round growing methods allow us the flexibility and productivity needed to ensure that our restaurants continue to evolve with every season.

By growing everything ourselves, we can better understand and place more control over the ingredients we use.

Growers and chefs work side-by-side to create the ingredients used in all of our restaurants. Our Farm is an extension of our kitchens, applying the same ethos, drive and attention to detail. Our aim is to grow near perfect produce in a natural and sustainable way.

Our Farm, located less than a mile away from the restaurant, is at the core of everything that we do. It’s a farm designed by growers and chefs to produce a world leading growing operation with taste and flavour as our main concern. It not only gives us that sustainable platform to build on the amazing quality ingredients that are essential to our dishes, but also connects the restaurant to its surroundings.

It’s total control, being able to grow exactly what you want when you want picked every service for freshness. Everyone gets involved, we all spend time there, there’s nothing like sewing a seed and seeing it all the way through to the plate. It’s an extension of our kitchen, applying the same ethos, drive and attention to detail.

Farm Tours

Our Farm tours are available on request from the beginning of May until the end of September, please let us know if you would like to book when you reserve your table with us.